Marine Valencia

Our inspector’s office, inspectors and insurance experts inspects any damage or accident on all types of ships, ships, barges, dredgers, fishing vessels, yachts and boats. The actions of our expert’s office in the inspection and survey of vessels are the following, with national coverage:

  • Control of ship repairs and follow-ups
  • Inspections for repairs
  • Inspections for buying and selling
  • Opening of hatches
  • Ship casualties and failures
  • Towing studies
  • Stowage controls and plans
  • Loading by draft
  • Warehouse cleaning status
  • Liquid / bulk loading / unloading controls
  • Permas de Recreo boats and causes
  • Judicial reviews
  • Technical Translations of Transport (Terrestrial, Maritime, Air and Rail)
  • Naval expert reports in general
  • Conferences and sessions o Drafting of documents
  • Specifications and Technical Norms
  • Special studies
  • Expert assessments contradictorial art. 38 L.C.S. and expert, extrajudicial solutions
  • Contradictory appraisals against public bodies