Self-Insurance valencia

Self-insurance management

Self-insurance management constitutes an effective SOLUTION against claims under the franchise agreement with an Insurance Company, processing and managing incidents that affect our clients and related to their activity:

  • Attention and analysis of claims received arising from alleged liabilities
  • Management of recovery of own damages motivated by known third parties

We provide a technical analysis in the valuation of damages of the loss, objectivity in the management of claims, efficiency in the solution of the incidences and statistical information to the client on the casuistry of the accidents to take corrective measures as well as statistical data on the efficiency of the management.

And we also provide the client with the most appropriate information to develop an optimal Risk Management through our ON LINE application, through which the client can access updated information on the management of any file. As well as having a knowledge of the economic reserves at all times.

Advantages of the self-insuring service:

  • Release of resources (outsourcing of services)
  • Economic savings: in compensation and management
  • Management control
  • Quality in the service
  • Improvement of image to third parties

Added value of the self-insurance service:

  • Optimization of costs and expenses
  • Control and economic information
  • Image