Comisario de averías

The company has graduates and experience in this branch that allows the execution of the functions of the curatorate, such as transport inspections, damage to goods, helmets, grupaje, stowage / desestibas and all issues that may arise from this branch, Performing these jobs at the National level.

Land, Maritime, Air and Rail transport in general:

  • Damage to specialized refrigerated goods, all our technicians have Calibrators, Digital Thermometer, Flexometer, Laser Meter, Camera, Silver Nitrate, Penetrometer, Acid Meter, Refractometer, Infrared temperature meter, relative humidity and dew point
  • Damages for faults, transportation, burglaries, theft, state
  • Inspection of container, packaging, quantity, quality, weight and conditions of sale
  • Control of cargo containers, ships, vehicles, perishables, liquids, bulk goods as well as pre-cooled, temperature control, acidity, quality, heavy loads.
  • Control of stowage and trimmings, packaging, marks, quality, machinery
  • Loading and Receiving of refrigerated loads due to excess of cold or lack of refrigeration
  • Pre-insurance inspection of goods
  • Container Inspection, Damage Verification, Repair Tracking and Completion
  • Container sealing and control of containers, as well as sealing control
  • Inspection of ships in “Condition Survey”, “On / Off hire Survey”, “Bunker Survey”
  • Certification of state of tanks, condition and cleaning of warehouses, Sealing of warehouses, stowage and lashing
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Judicial appraisals in warranty claims
  • Check and follow up of accidents and transport documents (C.M.R., L.O.T., B / L etc.)
  • Damage during loading / unloading operations
  • Damage to vessels and ships
  • Control and calculation of weights and stabilities
  • Damage to fish farms
  • Dock Control
  • Inspection of shipments of vehicles
  • Control and calculation of consumption and sampling
  • Rescue operations for damaged goods